• Matthew Godfrey

    Matthew Godfrey

    Head of Product Design

  • Heidi Helfand

    Heidi Helfand

    International speaker and author of Dynamic Reteaming. Director of Product and Technology Excellence at Procore Technologies. http://heidihelfand.com

  • stein korsveien

    stein korsveien

  • Farah Egby

    Farah Egby

    Software Agilist, Erstwhile Scientist, Music Dabbler and Amateur Human Being.

  • Sybil Hoang

    Sybil Hoang

    Likes: Keeping my eyes & ears peeled. Dislikes: Easily misinterpreted phrases.

  • Marie-France Mardi

    Marie-France Mardi

  • Oisin Mulvihill

    Oisin Mulvihill

    (https://www.oisinmulvihill.com) SCUBA Diver, Chief Technology Officer, bottle washer and floor sweeper.

  • David Halewood

    David Halewood

    Software Crafter. Excellent pub quizzer. Average golfer. Makers (Sep '17)

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